Alternative therapy sessions in Mickleover

From facials to body treatments

At Foxy Lady, we like each and every client to feel completely at ease and relaxed during their appointment. Our treatments are available to both women and men. When booking in for your first treatment, we will include extra time for a full consultation.

Therapeutic and soothing massages

Hot stone massage – 1hr 15 mins – £62
This wonderfully relaxing treatment combines massage with the use of smooth heated basalt stones. The stones are applied by arranging them along the energy centres of the body, helping muscles to relax, reduce pain, discomfort, stress and PMT

Indian Head massage – 40 mins – £39
The head, neck and shoulder areas hold a great deal of tension. With this firm but gentle treatment, tension is soothed, headaches, eyestrain, sinusitis and congestion are relieved revitalising the whole body

Hopi ear candles – 40 mins – £41
This relaxing treatment helps to relieve headaches, tinnitus, glue-ear, and sinusitis. It aids the removal of excessive wax and having a purely physical function it can induce a pleasant feeling of warmth in the ears, forehead and sinuses

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